By Bertrand Delacroix

I discovered Ron’s universe of color a year ago when I visited his spacious Long Island City studio. I fell for his work instantaneously and planning a show only seemed normal! I was filled with excitement for the challenge, and had so much burning anticipation it would keep me up at night! I would wake up after only a few hours and think about the numerous details involved in planning a show of this magnitude. I simply couldn’t shut my mind down. So my day would start, I would get up to write my thoughts and send 3 AM emails…

Until one night, I forced myself back to sleep by focusing on one particular work: Into the Galaxy. What an appropriate title for such an extraordinary work. It would provide me with a visual sensation and an optical illusion similar to the Newton Color Disk. And while my imagination would be drawn into the spiral of colors, I would direct my attention to the tiny, light-blue dot at the abyss of what my mind perceives as a round, upside-down pyramid. I would embark onto a vertiginous color trip, where shades hypnotized my brain like radiations in a time machine. Colors would mute the chaos of my constant thoughts and slowly I would fade into deep sleep, entering Ron’s Kingdom of Color.

Thank you Ron for providing me with joy at day and peace at night.


Color and rigor. Realism and abstraction.

by Bernard-Henry Lévy

A photographer who has become a visual artist. Crazy about computers, the digital universe, old and new technologies—all in support of his work. The calculated precision of a computer, the grace of forms and materials. An heir of Albers, the Bauhaus, Malevich and Mondrian, but also a classical painter. A scholar of space and its simplicity, the fluorescent square but also the tantric circle.

Color and rigor. Realism and abstraction.

A man who remembers his childhood; a son remembering his father and his palette of infinite colors. Discipline and imagination. A photographer, yes, who only began painting after age 50: a new birth? Born twice, several times, in the same lifetime? Or a trueness to oneself that varies only in the paths taken? A rebirth, in any case. And hope. And concern for the world that never leaves him in peace.

Ron Agam never sleeps.

February 10, 2011

By Richard Meier

“Several times a week Ron Agam emails me an image of a painting or drawing he is working on. What a joy to see the dynamic, colorful, energetic quality of the work! His singular demeanor, his constant pursuit of inventiveness, his dazzling juxtapositions and his creativity make us realize the importance of art in this age of uncertainty.”