Living Among Lines

ron ag24

Based in New York City, Ron Agam is an artist creating diverse, innovative works characterized by shapes, color, and lucid design. He sees the city as a significant inspiration for his work. This short film on the artist is created by Jordi Egea, a talented Barcelona filmmaker . Year 2014
  • Infinite Square Space

    The square is an important subject in my work , constantly researching its place in my imaginary world. From two dimensional exploration into the third dimension, it is a never ending iteration.

  • There is word that for me is the key of my artist career and life, it is “Disruption”. Nothing can illustrate better my intent to create , than this singular expression. The entire creative process stands on one feet around this phenomenon . It’s a key message in my work and probably of this century.

  • "Invisible Reality"

    Embracing movement, light, and the limits of visibility, “Invisible Reality” presents nine white cubes, standing on axis, reflecting a subtle color field back to the viewer, culminating in a protean, ever-changing painting that is never the same work twice.

  • Alphabet of the Square

    Lines , squares, colors. As far as I can remember, Squares fascinated me . I can remember the gallerist Denise Rene asking me what I wanted for my birthday, without even thinking twice, I said I want a Joseph Albers painting, I was 8 years old . Since then it never left me and I pursued to create around the square in many different extensions and variations. I relate to shapes and forms and colors, way better than words, its by far my favorite vocabulary of expression.

  • Ein Sof

    Inspired by the Kabbalistic idea of the prime manifestation of divine energy, “Ein Sof” interprets in visual terms the invisible force responsible for the creation of the world.