Living Among Lines

Based in New York City, Ron Agam is an artist creating diverse, innovative works characterized by shapes, color, and lucid design. He sees the city as a significant inspiration for his work. This short film on the artist is created by Jordi Egea, a talented Barcelona filmmaker . Year 2014
  • Infinite Square Space

    The square is an important subject in my work , constantly researching its place in my imaginary world. From two dimensional exploration into the third dimension, it is a never ending iteration.

  • There is word that for me is the key of my artist career and life, it is “Disruption”. Nothing can illustrate better my intent to create , than this singular expression. The entire creative process stands on one feet around this phenomenon . It’s a key message in my work and probably of this century.

  • "Invisible Reality"

    Embracing movement, light, and the limits of visibility, “Invisible Reality” presents nine white cubes, standing on axis, reflecting a subtle color field back to the viewer, culminating in a protean, ever-changing painting that is never the same work twice.

  • Alphabet of the Square

    Lines , squares, colors. As far as I can remember, Squares fascinated me . I can remember the gallerist Denise Rene asking me what I wanted for my birthday, without even thinking twice, I said I want a Joseph Albers painting, I was 8 years old . Since then it never left me and I pursued to create around the square in many different extensions and variations. I relate to shapes and forms and colors, way better than words, its by far my favorite vocabulary of expression.

  • Ein Sof

    Inspired by the Kabbalistic idea of the prime manifestation of divine energy, “Ein Sof” interprets in visual terms the invisible force responsible for the creation of the world.