Ron Agam. An ode to the black and white

Ron Agam. An ode to the black and white

New York’s own Ron Agam strongly agrees. The internationally renowned artist, is widely acclaimed for his “furiously chromatic” geometric artworks. His artistic output successfully attempts to replace sensual pleasure with intellectual design, primarily through mesmerizing black and white acrylics atop low relief wood panels. His optical creations fit perfectly within the resurgence of Op and Kinetic art that has taken the art world by storm since 2013.
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Ron Agam: Incandescent Chromophilia

It is our pleasure to share with you an interview by Eva Zanardi, a curator, and art writer specializing in Kinetic Art, Op Art and Contemporary Art on my art  for the Magazine Art-Views.

This interview gives a candid overview on recent works and ideas shared by the artist.
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February 23, 2016

Ron Agam -

“Several times a week Ron Agam emails me an image of a painting or drawing he is working on. What a joy to see the dynamic, colorful energetic quality go the work! His singular demeanor, his constant pursuit of inventiveness, his dazzling juxtapositions and his creativity make us realize the importance of art in this age of uncertainty.”

-Richard Meier

February 23, 2016


Bernard-Henry Levy writes about Ron Agam

A photographer who has become a visual artist. Crazy about computers, the digital universe, old and new technologies- all in support of his work. The calculated precision of a computer, the grace of forms and materials. An heir of Albers, the Bauhaus, Malevich, and Mondrian, but also a classical painter. A scholar of space and its simplicity, the fluorescent square but also tantric circle.

Color and rigor. Realism and abstraction.

A man who remembers his childhood; a son remembering his father and his palette of finite colors. Discipline and imagination. A photographer, yes, who only began painting after age 50: a new birth? Born twice, several times, in the same lifetime? Or a trueness to oneself that varies only in the paths takes? A rebirth, in any case. And hope. And concern for the world that never leaves him in peace.


-Bernard-Henry Levy

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