Ron Agam - BE4U1691

“I consider Ron Agam as one of the leading and most important artists of his generation,” says Delattre. “No doubt about it. The French flag that he painted as a gift to France is a masterpiece and it’s hanging in my office in Washington. I’m as proud to show it to my visitors as the masterpiece by [Pierre] Bonnard that we have in our residence there.”

By Haim Handwerker

With his penchant for vibrant colors, Ron Agam recalls his famous father, but the son is determined to forge his own path as a painter.

Harvey Weinstein, co-chairman of the Weinstein Company, a multimedia production company, and one the most powerful people in Hollywood, recently acquired two works by Agam. Not renowned Israeli artist Yaacov
Agam, a founding member of school of kinetic art, but of his son, Ron.
“I see a lot of vision and sensitivity in Ron’s works,” Weinstein says. “I love the feeling his work gives me. It has things that remind me of Salvador Dali when he was young.”