February 23, 2016


Bernard-Henry Levy writes about Ron Agam

A photographer who has become a visual artist. Crazy about computers, the digital universe, old and new technologies- all in support of his work. The calculated precision of a computer, the grace of forms and materials. An heir of Albers, the Bauhaus, Malevich, and Mondrian, but also a classical painter. A scholar of space and its simplicity, the fluorescent square but also tantric circle.

Color and rigor. Realism and abstraction.

A man who remembers his childhood; a son remembering his father and his palette of finite colors. Discipline and imagination. A photographer, yes, who only began painting after age 50: a new birth? Born twice, several times, in the same lifetime? Or a trueness to oneself that varies only in the paths takes? A rebirth, in any case. And hope. And concern for the world that never leaves him in peace.


-Bernard-Henry Levy