By Bertrand Delacroix

I discovered Ron’s universe of color a year ago when I visited his spacious Long Island City studio. I fell for his work instantaneously and planning a show only seemed normal! I was filled with excitement for the challenge, and had so much burning anticipation it would keep me up at night! I would wake up after only a few hours and think about the numerous details involved in planning a show of this magnitude. I simply couldn’t shut my mind down. So my day would start, I would get up to write my thoughts and send 3 AM emails…

Until one night, I forced myself back to sleep by focusing on one particular work: Into the Galaxy. What an appropriate title for such an extraordinary work. It would provide me with a visual sensation and an optical illusion similar to the Newton Color Disk. And while my imagination would be drawn into the spiral of colors, I would direct my attention to the tiny, light-blue dot at the abyss of what my mind perceives as a round, upside-down pyramid. I would embark onto a vertiginous color trip, where shades hypnotized my brain like radiations in a time machine. Colors would mute the chaos of my constant thoughts and slowly I would fade into deep sleep, entering Ron’s Kingdom of Color.

Thank you Ron for providing me with joy at day and peace at night.