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While all colors in paintings convey a powerful spectrum of symbolism and evoke strong emotions, black and white, in their minimalist form, can provide an equally significant impact through texture, contrast, elegance, and simplicity. Unlike vibrant colors, black and white effectively strip a painting to its barest state, presenting the viewer with a form of its pure essence.

In his three-dimensional, large-scale optical low reliefs, Agam’s stunning dexterity dazzles the viewer. The perfect dynamism of his works such as Homage to Newton and Ein Sof resonate with the viewer. Homage to Newton features approximately one hundred black and white concentric squares that appear, at times, to be both a tunnel and a pyramid through their spellbinding, illusory movement. Ein Sof—the Kabbalistic term for “God’s Infinite Light”—consists of a large, irregularly-sided, black octagon that seems to be extruding from its core countless concentric, twisting white hexagons. The effect is astounding, compelling viewers to wonder if their sight is cast upon a mountain’s peak, an all-knowing eye, or a cosmic vortex.
Ron Agam - Ron Agam
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