April 6, 2011
— May 5, 2011


Bertrand Delacroix Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of paintings by Ron Agam. Ron brings fresh, new elements to his work where he further examines the interaction of colors. He seeks to expose the harmony and effective balance of these varying colors with placement and scale.


Ron Agam, artist, answered our question amongst his art, exposed at the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery on New York, from May 4th to June 4th, 2011.

From Ron's Friends...

“Several times a week Ron Agam emails me an image of a painting or drawing he is working on. What a joy to see  the dynamic, colorful, energetic  quality of the work! His singular  demeanor,  his constant  pursuit  of inventiveness,  his dazzling  juxtapositions and his creativity make us realize the importance  of art in this age of uncertainty.”

– Richard Meier


“I am delighted to introduce this latest facet of Ron Agam’s creative work as an artist.  In this new land of abstraction, Ron is an explorer who at once  discovers  and reveals.  This kind of communication with the viewer is subtle and subjective.   I invite you to look and to ponder.”

– François DELATTRE

Ambassadeur de France

aux Etats-Uni



Artist Stament

My personal  exploration in the world of painting is a testimony to my childhood where as a child, I was subjugated by the works of the masters of the early stages of geometric  abstraction such  as  Elli llssitsky, Malevitch, Mondrian and later Joseph  Albers just to name a few. Colors and Shapes were part of my life from the moment, I opened my eyes.

With the works presently  exhibited at BDG Gallery, I  can claim that my shapes, colors and forms are the expression  of an artist that lives in the present,  creates for the future with a deep  respect for the past.  My work is the result of constant research that uses  traditional tools of imagination and creativity in confluence  with the most  advance  forms of technology. I am at ease  with both worlds and they both enable  me to be the artist that I want to be, a constant ex- plorer in the world of space and colors.



Bertrand Delacroix Gallery