May 29, 2024
— May 29, 2024


Opera Gallery opens the first show of 2014 with a major exhibition by 3D-sensationalist Ron Agam. Featuring his new kinetic works on lenticular panels, this show takes the experience of color into the third dimension.


Ron Agam exhibition 

Ron Agam’s perception is relied on a cosmic vision of our existence where the element of space and time are constantly in motion. The ever-changing world where reality is only a small part of the total human experience is the artist’s effort to convey it into his artworks. Ron Agam claims that to be a pioneer in any form of expression is always a fascinating challenge. Consequently, like the digital world where pixels and shapes are often the link between the process and the creation, technology is adopted by the artist to create his 3-Dimensional Kinetics. The translation of a visual reality printed in new dimensions is an art form considered to be one of the artist’s unique contributions. Rich with colour, form, and visual depth, Agam’s kinetic designs hypnotize with varying motions.